Karly (blink_182_krazy) wrote in skate_and_music,

Name: My name is Karly
Age: 13
How long you've been skateboarding: About a year. And I still suck because I'm lazy and I don't practice much.
Music you like: I like ALOT of bands. But here are my top 17 I guess.

1. Atreyu

2. CKY

3. Norma Jean

4. Billy Talent

5. Blink 182

6. Sum 41.

7. Pennywise

8. Something Corporate

9.  HIM

10. System Of A Down

11. Taking Back Sunday

12. Hawthorne Heights

13. UnderOath

14. The Used

15. Cursive

16. Kill Hannah

17. Sugarcult

Things you like to do: I like to write poems and write anything else, i like to skate a bit, i love music, i like to paint or draw sometimes, take pictures, play guitar, hang out with my friends, talk to and meet new people, go out places with my friends, i love to shop and i like to pick blackberries and drink iced tea and i love latte's from dairy queen. my favorite food is ramen noodles i like music of the sort of punk, punk pop, metal, hardcore, rock, indie and some emo. I hate people who are close minded, think they are better than everyone else and also people who always think they are right. my fave foods are probably ramen noodes and strawberry applesauce. feel free to add me and I will add you back. :)

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